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Changelog for version 12.2 based on Android 12L with April security patch:

Fixed the fixable Reworked the reworkable Improved the improvable

Changelog for v12.1 based on Android 12 :

Feature Additions :

• Added qti bt support • Added Android 12L style internet and screen record dialogs • Added per app volume • Integrated Google lens to screenshot UI • Added outline icon pack • Added expanded volume panel • Removed Visualizer and added Pulse with lots of options • Added screen off animations • Integrated blur • On the go improvements • Added gaming mode tile • Redone Fps info service • Made ripple effect on unlock optional • Updated Monet Implementation • Added Android 13 inspired media output picker • Added app lock • Added Face unlock • Improved pocket mode • Redid smart space Implementation • Added Quick tap • Introduced Custom dashboard style • Added Ambient ticker • Added toast Animation • Fixed an issue with apps going under the notch • Introduced inbuilt ad block • Added more udfps icons • Improved Gaming Mode • Updated Lawnchair • Synced Translations

Changelog for v12.0 based on Android 12 February patch

Changelog for vEnergized based on Android 12 January security patch:

Feature Additions :

Changelog for vTempest based on December security patch

Feature Additions: